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The Greenfund project is an initiative that mirrors the success of the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association's funding program of the same name and aims to contribute to grassroots environmental and conservation projects.

The purpose of the Greenfund project is to support strategic goals of promoting the sustainable protection of our natural environment, while creating opportunities for member involvement.

CMCA seeks to empower its members to engage in hands-on conservation work, fostering a deeper connection to the natural world.

Applications for funding are available for not-for-profit community groups, local authorities and government departments.

Projects to the total value of $10,000 may be supported, with the CMCA Board or CEO making all final decisions on applications, with a total amount of $60,000 funded per year.

To qualify for funding, projects must meet specific eligibility criteria, ensuring that the allocated funds are directed towards initiatives aligned with CMCA's mission and values.

Environmental and conservation projects that can be linked to the RV lifestyle are preferred, such as tree planting or clearing exotic weeds from an RV park, low-cost camp or rest area.

CMCA looks forward to fostering a partnership with eligible groups and making a tangible impact on conservation efforts across the country that our members love to travel and explore so much.

For more information, please email your enquiry through to

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