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Self Contained Vehicle Policy & Leave No Trace

The Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Limited (CMCA), the largest recreational vehicle Club in Australia, has established the Self Contained Vehicle (SCV) Policy and Leave No Trace® (LNT) Code of Conduct. CMCA has long been at the forefront of promoting environmentally responsible camping and overnighting. The SCV policy and LNT Code of Conduct is a means of demonstrating to councils and other authorities that self-contained vehicles need not have a negative impact on the environment, even if a campsite has no facilities.

Members who participate in the LNT program must have a vehicle that meets the requirements of the CMCA SCV policy for the holding of fresh, grey and black water, as well as storage capacity for garbage waste. To qualify, a self-contained vehicle must retain all waste within the confines of the vehicle, and leave no trace of its visit to a site. Vehicle owners must sign a declaration that they will comply with the SCV policy and abide by the LNT Code of Conduct. Vehicles that have qualified for the program will display an accreditation card on their vehicle. This satisfies proof by the vehicle owner of their participation in the program should any verification be required by controlling authorities.

CMCA acknowledges that it is a privilege for mobile travellers to be allowed access to controlled areas, and will strive to develop and maintain the credibility and integrity of the SCV policy and LNT Code of Conduct. The efforts of CMCA in promoting responsible travel will not only benefit its members and all RV travellers, but will bring considerable benefits to local councils and communities who provide facilities for our use and enjoyment.

The Regulating Authority of the Self Contained Vehicle Policy and Leave No Trace® Code of Conduct is the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Limited. ABN 16 095 568 157. 49 The Avenue, Wickham NSW 2293. Ph: 02 4978 8788.

SCV Application

Please forward completed and signed SCV Application to: CMCA, PO Box 254 HRMC NSW 2310 or

Grey Water Totes

CMCA member Richard Mainey, shows us how to construct a grey water tote in your vehicle for less than $50.

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