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Since their foundation in 1972, Markey has grown from serving the insurance needs of a small group of clients within the Newcastle and Hunter Region to becoming one of the largest family owned and managed insurance brokerages in Australia. Markey provides insurance solutions for individuals, small businesses and corporate operations all over Australia.

Proudly providing Corporate Insurance solutions to CMCA since 2015, they are now excited to partner with CMCA and Emergence Insurance to offer a Personal Cyber Insurance solution to CMCA members.

Stephen & Simmone Markey, the operations principals, are members of the CMCA and owners of an RV so understand the dependence travellers have on their IT devices and how a Cyber attack or identity theft can spoil a great trip.

Cyber insurance for families at home and on the road... 

Today, technology is part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s how we communicate, purchase items, make a booking and/or coordinate our busy schedules, we are heavily reliant on technology to make things possible.

Our dependence on the internet, and the exponential growth of social media and online booking platforms, has resulted in people and places being much more interconnected. This constant use of online tools and resources has introduced new risks into our homes, motorhomes and everyday lives that must be diligently managed.

When travelling around Australia or even the World we are constantly connecting to random Wi-Fi networks which are simply not secure from malicious cyber hackers. Connecting to an unsecure network can be very risky and open your laptop, iPhone or iPad to easy access by malicious hackers.

If a Cyber hacker gains access to your phone, tablet or laptop, below are some examples of what can happen, and these events can have very unpleasant consequences.

  • Cyber extortion (ransomware) 

This is where a cyber hacker takes over your electronic device and locks you out – you can no longer use your phone, iPad or computer. The hackers then make demands for money to stop their attacks and give you back your access.

  • Hacking/Crimeware 

Malicious or unauthorised access to your home and mobile IT devices. Here the hackers unbeknownst to you install what is called malware on your phone/iPad/laptop that aims to take over control of that device. Once they gain control of your device they can likely access your bank details, social media accounts and other applications

  • Cyberbullying 

Electronic communication through your phone/iPad/laptop that targets you or your family members with the aim of tormenting, harassing, humiliating or otherwise targeting them. This is usually done through social media applications and causes personal distress and reputational damage

  • Identity theft – more common than you think 

This is a very common occurrence and causes major distress and inconvenience. Identity theft occurs where a hacker gains access to your phone/iPad/laptop and manages to steal your identity through accessing your banking, credit card, license and other personal information. This stolen information is then sold on the black market to people who often access your bank accounts, obtain additional credit cards in your name, but goods online and even take out loans in your name!!

  • Cyber Theft - Stolen funds and financial loss 

Hackers are smart, they can lure you into paying fake invoices which look genuine! They can also trick you into disclosing personal information about your bank accounts which will allow them to access your hard-earned money. You can also incur financial loss for charges or costs incurred under your accounts due to sim-jacking (that is hacking into your phones SIM card).

Personal Cyber Insurance covers you, your family, your identity, your reputation, your money and your time (wage replacement) when a cyber event occurs. As technology continues to infiltrate our lives, protecting yourself and your family against cyber risks has never been more important. 

Take the time and make the effort to keep an eye out for anything which does not seem right, or you are unsure of when using your devices. Being diligent makes a big difference!

For extra peace of mind, make Personal Cyber Protection Insurance part of your PROTECTION. Just in case…. 

Read the Emergence Personal Cyber Insurance Whitepaper above to learn more about cyber crimes and possible scenarios where having a personal cyber insurance policy may come in handy.

Personal Cyber Insurance Information 

Emergence is an award-winning underwriting agency, exclusively focused on providing flexible, innovative insurance solutions to help protect Australian businesses and families against cyber risks. Learn more about Emergence and their personal cyber protection insurance here. 

Individuals who use their home IT and internet connected smart devices for personal reasons. Cover extends to family members residing with you at the home address. It covers you, your family, identity, reputation, money and time when a cyber event occurs.  

Type of CoverPotential Benefits
Cyber event cover

Provides payment of cyber event response costs from the following cyber events:

  • Crimeware
  • Cyber espionage
  • Cyber extortion
  • Denial of service
  • Hacking

Cyber event response costs means the reasonable costs agreed to by Emergence including:

  • Credit and identity monitoring costs
  • Cyber extortion (ransomware) costs
  • Data restoration costs
  • Data securing costs
  • Legal costs
  • Notification costs
  • Technical management response costs
Cyber bullying cover

Provides payment of additional benefit including:

  • Attending critical guidance sessions
  • Cyber security coach, forensic IT investigator
  • Wage replacement benefit
  • Childcare or child minding
Reputation cover

Pays repair to e-reputation costs necessitated by harmful publication. Pays legal costs incurred in connection with:

  • Cyber harassment
  • Harmful publication
Cyberstalking cover

Provides payment for cyberstalking response costs including:

  • Forensic IT investigator, cyber security coach or other professional
  • Provision of secured smart phone
  • Legal costs
  • Wage replacement benefit
Identity theft cover

Provides payment for identity theft response costs including:

  • Reporting and re-establishing identity and records
  • Wage replacement benefit
  • Aso pays cyber event response costs
Personal crime cover

Provides payment of a personal financial loss to you arising out of:

  • Cyber theft
  • Sim-jacking
  • Crypto jacking

Pays wage replacement benefit required to respond to cyber theft or sim-jacking.
Pays cyber event response costs.

Personal cyber protection insurance policy with Emergence does not cover:

  • Facts or circumstances discovered by or known to you before policy inception.
  • Third party liability, defence costs, bodily injury or property damage.
  • Use of home IT for business or commercial activity or with respect to properties you lease to others.

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